Kornyn Cheese Factory

Kornyn Cheese Factory

Kornyn cheese factory specializes in cheese products manufacturing. The company is located in Zhytomir region.

In 2009 the plant became part of TERRA FOOD Group.

Production capacity:
  • up to 90 tons of milk is processed daily;
  • 9 tons of cheese product is produced daily.

Company history
In 1960s Kornyn milk collection center was founded. They used to collect and separate nearly 15 tons of milk every day there. In 1969 Popilnyansky butter factory branch was created on the basis of this center. In 2002 the Kornyn cheese factory was established which started production of hard cheese and cheese product.


Address: 3 Svobody Str., Kornyn, Popilnyansky district, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine, 13514
Tel.: +380 4137 6 22 67