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The longest cheese stick in Ukraine from Vapnyarka TM!

18 October 2013
The longest cheese stick in Ukraine from Vapnyarka TM! On October 20 the true ‘Rossiyskiy’ cheese of Vapnyarka TM will establish a new record of Ukraine. Skillful cookery specialists will make the longest cheese stick in the country out of this particular cheese! This momentous event will become the high point of the First National Cheese Festival organized at the initiative of Milk Producers Association of Ukraine.

According to festival organizers, the cheese stick – record-holder will be 2 meters long. To make it, the official sponsor of the festival Vapnyarka TM will provide 16 kg of the true Rossiyskiy cheese from INTER FOOD Company, which is one of the leading domestic cheese and butter producers, a part of TERRA FOOD Group of companies.

Skillful cookery specialists together with visitors of the festival will put together cheese blocks to form a single-piece stick. Then it will be dipped in original batter with addition of porter and will be sunk in a tub with deep fat. As soon as the stick will be ready, the record will be documented by representatives of the Ukrainian Book of Records. Then all those wishing will be able to try a yummy treat with special sauce.

Also during two days of the festival supported by Vapnyarka TM fascinating cheese rolling will be carried out in non-stop mode. The idea was inspired by more than 200-year-old tradition of rolling for a head of Gloucestershire cheese in England. The fastest and the most dexterous participant of each stage, who will be the first comer to the finish, will win a prize from Vapnyarka TM a packing of Rossiyskiy cheese.

Our company is one of the leaders of Ukrainian cheese market. Therefore we were pleased to support the idea of the First National Cheese Festival organizers and spread culture of consumption of this product, irreplaceable on a family table of Ukrainians. For many years Vapnyarka TM is deservedly considered a quality and taste standard of the true Rossiyskiy cheese the most popular in our country. We make this cheese in Vinnytsia oblast from natural milk only and according to classical recipes. This year we significantly expanded the product line of the brand and pleased our customers with the whole series of cheese specialties in handy packing. Among them are natural packaged cheeses, true processed cheeses, as well as the sausage cheeses smoked on branches of an alder and sweet cherry, says Marianna Glotova, Marketing and Sales Director of TERRA FOOD Group of companies.

On October 19-20 visitors of the Cheese Festival will be able to check out all the variety of Vapnyarka TM true cheeses and buy a treat for a family table in National Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNH) in Kiev during tastings in branded pavilions. Also the program of the festival includes lots of entertainment for all the family, master classes, competitions and draws of valuable prizes, as well as a spectacular concert of Ukrainian pop-stars.