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Cheese&Stick - Milk Snack from TM Ferma

23 June 2018
Cheese&Stick - Milk Snack from TM Ferma New "Cheese & Stick" is a cheese made with cheese sliced ​​with griessin sticks. A delicious, nutritious and useful snack for youth, which is convenient for nourishing.

Teachers, students, young people and dynamic guys and girls are active in their lives, and therefore they are constantly in need of energy. In addition, young people try to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and reduce the consumption of sweets. It is for them that "Cheese & Stick" is a wonderful unsweetened cheese-crispy snack containing protein and calcium.

The line contains 2 flavors of fermented cheese: "Creamy" and "Pizza". Creamy - has a real creamy taste, because it includes natural cream of cow's milk. Pizza - has a taste of Italian pizza with mozzarella, salami, tomato sauce and basil.

"Cheese & Stick" from TM Ferma - it is convenient to take with you and delicious and useful to chop up!